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Around the World in a Year

I decided to quit my corporate job as a software engineer in financial institutions and to go travel the world! For a while my goal was to make as much money as possible to retire as early as possible but recent life events made me revaluate – you only live once and you only have today.

I am incredibly lucky to have the means to do this and I want to share my journey with all of you.

  • The jury seems to be out on what is the best way to handle coffee teeth staining; some sites say to brush your teeth right after drinking coffee and others say to not do this because it ruins your enamel! The consensus seems to be to wait until the coffee cools and drink it through a straw which not only can look silly sometimes but ruins some of the fun of sipping steaming hot coffee on a cold day while curled up in bed.

  • Never in a million years did I think I would end up as a software engineer. That was the furthest thought from my mind when I went to my first day of university and signed up as a linguistics major. I imagined myself going to remote parts of the world to chase down and record dying languages, or being a translator for the UN - anything but corporate life.


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