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Hi I’m Kerrie Mariah

I’m a self taught engineer who’s taken an unorthodox path to where I am today. This site is my passion project, from articles on coding and experiments, to ideas and experience engaging others in tech while I travel around the world.

I have spent five years in Hong Kong saving up money working at financial institutions such as Macquarie, Deutschebank, and BNP Paribas. I experienced Hong Kong in all her glory in 2017 until the protests in 2019 and through the worst covid lockdowns and death rate in the developed world.

I decided to write down all the things on my bucket list and try to hit each one of them before settling down! I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures, experiments, and coding concepts as much as I have enjoyed writing them – if you’d like to contact me please do not hesitate, my email is


One of my adventures up to Sharp Peak in Sai Kung Hong Kong



Eh, I've seen better - I'd probably give her a 7/10 looks-wise but personality wise a 1/10

- Laetitia C


After I introduced my fiance, she asked if he was single and available. I don't know what's wrong with her.

– Sara & Tom


I was so drunk one night I could hardly stand and she made sure I made it home okay. But the next morning instead of giving me water she pressured me into downing half a bottle of vodka and laughed when I threw up

— Adriana B


One time she spat in my face when I didn't laugh at her terrible joke.

- Erica